Yangtze River Cruise Victoria Anna Experience from Chengdu

Our professional travel consultant Rita took a downstream Yangtze River cruise with Victoria Anna from Chongqing to Yichang during December 24 to December 27 of 2015. Let’s enjoy her amazing experience now!

Rita visited Three Gorges Dam Site

Dec.24: Day 1  Chengdu – Chongqing – Embark American Victoria Anna Cruise

Today in the morning, as a start, I took a 2-hour bullet train from Chengdu East Train Station to Chongqing North Train Station. Upon arrival, go directly to the Ciqikou Ancient Town by the subway, where was Chongqing’s old harbor. I once went there when I was in my middle school with my Dad. But after many years, I want to visit it again for the old features of Chongqing city, which was a different feeling from the last visit when I was only 13 years old.

Rita visited Ciqikou Old Town in Chongqing

Before going to the Chaotianmen Pier, I went to visit my younger female cousin who is studying pediatrics in ChongQing Medical University and had a dinner with her.

ChongQing Medical University

After seeing goodbye with her, I went o the Chaotianmen Pier to board the ship at about 19:00pm. It happened to be the Christmas, so there was Christmas decoration on the ship.

Rita board Victoria Anna at Chaotianmen Port

Dec.25: Day 2  Yangtze Cruising   

Today in the morning, we had a rich buffet breakfast at Dynasty Dining Room. Then, the cruise had a shore execution to the Fengdu Ghost City at 08:00am. This shore execution is an optional one, but lots of visitors joined in this tour. For the other visitors did not go, some of them were at the bar center listening for the traditional Chinese medicine class from the cruise doctor on the 5th floor. And I was one of the members listening to the class. Most of the members were foreign visitor, and they showed great interests in this.

Dining Hall on Victoria Anna

In the evening, enjoyed the show from the ship staff.

Evening Show offered by the staff on Victoria AnnaGetting back at about 11:30am was time to ready for the lunch. Then, the afternoon seemed a little bit longer than other days, for the rising water level in winter makes the ship running a little lower that finally we reached the Shibaozhai Pagoda in Zhongxian County at about 17:00pm. Even it was late, the local guides were still passionate to explain us beautiful stories of the pearl on Yangtze River.

Sun Deck of Victoria Anna

Shore excursion to Shibaozhai Pagoda

Dec.26: Day 3 Yangtze Cruising   

Shore excursion to Shennv Stream this afternoon (12:00-16:00).

–Known as “Shennv Xi” in Chinese, Goddess Stream flows from the southern bank of the Yangtze opposite Goddess Peak.  Passengers board a smaller craft for a ride of about 15 kms. each way, to view the beauty of its narrow gorges. They will enjoy local folk songs and dances along the way. Once just a brook, the Three Gorges Dam raised the water level to 70-100 meters in depth, depending on the season. Surrounded by beautiful peaks, many protected species live here, including monkeys, mountain goats, deer and boar, as well as varieties of Chinese medicinal herbs. The area is also famous for its tea, named “Longevity Tea” or “Mountain Tea”.

Shore excursion to Shennv StreamDec.27: Day 4  Yangtze Cruising – Disembarkation Yichang – Chengdu

Shore excursion to Three Gorges Dam site this morning (8:30-11:00). The ship will dock at Maoping Pier this morning. A visit to the Three Gorges Dam will follow. Then, be transferred to Yichang Three Gorges Center Cruise Terminal (near Yichang No. 9 pier which is across from Wanda Plaza) at 12:00pm.

Three Gorges Dam

Rita visited Three Gorges Dam in Yichang

After the tour, I took a bullet train back to Chengdu from Yichang.

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