Travel with Lily: 2 Days Mount Qingcheng tour Full of Changes

Autumn came. I decided to seek autumn charm in Mt. Qingcheng. What I looked for was a colorful world: mountains in deep crimson and layered woods dyed through. Actually what waited for me were green trees and vines in great profusion. It said took things as they came. So with a happy mood we still enjoyed our mountain tour and admired the chill autumn scene.

Mount Qingcheng

Green Mountain View & Fresh Air

Day 1

I met my friend at train station, and then we caught a train to Mt. Qingcheng. There was an ancient town at the foot of Qingcheng. But it was more like a street than a town. What I most liked there was the big maidenhair trees in front of Taian Temple.

Mount Qingcheng

My Favorite Tree in the Ancient Town

After a simple lunch, we started to climb the mountain from the left side, for it was more beautiful.

I wore skirts and pumps for I just planned to admire beauty and relax, instead of walking a long way. But the life was full of changes. The cable car was in maintenance, which meant we needed to climb the mountain by foot with our heavy package. OK took things as they came. Our tour started!

We passed limped blue spring and saw gurgling little waterfall. When the sun came out, we were excited to catch the chance to play with sunlight in woods.

Mount Qingcheng

I had a happy journey in Mount Qingcheng

Sometimes we stopped for rest and laughed at our difficult situation. I was always afraid my pumps would fall in the stream when I walked on plank road of Longyin Gorge, the most precipitous site.

Mount Qingcheng

Amazing Longyin Gorge

Laughing and teasing, we finally ended at the middle of the mountain at about 5: 00 pm. We intended to climb on the mountain top. Now it seemed this needed to be changed too.

We had some noodles and stayed overnight in local house. Kids were playing around and an old man hung out with a dog.

Day 2

A nice Sunday morning! After breakfast we decided to walk down from the other side.

The air was fresh and birds were chirping. The rays of the sun glistened through the mist. The whole world is covered with a wet cloak. In our returning way, we came across some early birds. When they looked at us, they were so surprised and said that the two girls were earlier than them and had already finished the tour.

Mount Qingcheng

Peaceful Morning in Mount Qingcheng

After a lunch in M. Qingcheng, we caught a train back to Chengdu.

Good bye Mt. Qingcheng!

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