6 Best Places for Family with Kids Tour 2013 in China

Are you planning to travel to China with your family?

China has a vast land with so many famous attractions, such as Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terra-Cotta Warriors, Lijiang Ancient Town, Guilin, etc. You can’t help asking yourself: Where should I go? Will my children have fun in China? How can i get there and around? Don’t worry! We have listed 6 best places for family with kids travel in China.

Beijing Family Tour with Kids
Beijing, the capital of Republic of China, is your first choice. It is the most historical city in China where you and your kids will learn deep about China’s civilization. There are thousands of cultural relics for you to discover, such as Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Beijing Capital Museum, as well as the world famous Great Wall of China. Visiting these places is just like reading an immemorial history book.

Family Tour in Beijing

Don’t stuck in China’s history. There are way more things to do. Let your children enjoy a ride in a Hutong Richshaw through the old alley ways , taking a dragon boat in the Summer Palace, flying kites in the largest square in the world, or enjoying a night show of Beijing Acrobatics or China Kungfu show.

Xian Family Tour with Kids
Xian is famous for the Terra-Cotta Warriors, the most amazing archaeological discovery of China history. Besides, it used to be the capital city of 13 ancient China dynasaties. Xian has some of the oldest and most spectacular museums and temples in China. If you and your family are interested in Chinese culture, you never miss this ancient city.

There are some activities suitable for kids, like cycling on the Ancient City Wall, visiting the food market and playing on the musical fountains square.

Shanghai Family Tour with Kids
Shanghai is China’s business and finacial heart, where East meet West, Old meets New. The Bund is the museum of international architecture which is also the symble of Shanghai’s history. Nearby, the Nanjing Road, Jinmao Tower and the Oriental Pearl TV Tower give Shangha a new and fashion look.

Entertainment is various. You can take a boad through the ancient and quaint watertown, or experience the fastest railway in the world. Don’t forget to wander around the Yuyuan Gard and Bazaars.

Shanghai Family Tour with Kids

Hong Kong Family Tour with Kids
Hongkong is one of the most popular metroplis in Asia. You can visit without a visa. It is known as the city of entertainment. As a modern city, Hongkong has kept its traditional culture very well. You will see some people still keep some ancient living habits.

Hong Kong Family Tour with Kids

For kids, Hongkong is heaven of fun. They can enjoy the Star Ferry, getting up Victoria Peak, the markets and yes, there is Disneyland!

Chengdu Family Tour with Kids
Only one reason is enough to attract millions of travelers to visit Chengdu, the hometown of the Giant Panda. You will be as close to see the Pandas living happily in their natural habitat as you can get. This could be a great gift for your children to play face to face with these beautiful and cute creatures. If you have time, you can take your children to visit the Marine Park in Chengdu.

China Panda Tour in Chengdu

Chengdu is also famous for its food. You really have to enjoy the Sichuan cuisine. While there are also some interesting handcrafts with cheap price. You can bring some home as souvernirs.

Guilin Family Tour with Kids
There is old saying about Guilin: “East or west, Guilin landscape is best. ” Yes, Guilin is the most beautiful city in China. When you travel in Guilin, You will feel as if you were in the middle of a classical Chinese painting…

Children will enjoy a bike ride through the countryside, or cruising the rivers on bamboo rafts… it’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Family Tour with Kids in Family Tour with Kids in Guilin

That’s the melody to our music. Are you ready to take your kids to travel the best of China?

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