Top 5 Places to Enjoy Great Views of Red Maple Tree Leaves

 1. Beijing Xiangshan Park
As a large royal garden park of hills and forest,XiangShan Park covers 395 acres and consists of a natural pine-cypress forest, hills with maple trees, smoke trees and persimmon trees, as well as landscaped areas with abundant traditional architecture and cultural relics. And now it has become a famous beautiful attraction which is most famous for the red colored leaves that cover the mountains in autumn, an event now seemingly fixed in the Beijing calendar.
Beijing Xiangshan Park
2012 Xiangshan Culture Festival started from 12th, October, and will last a month and end on 11th, November. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the great red leaves views.
2. Jiangxi Wuyuan Village
Wuyuan county in Jiangxi Province is famous for the large pieces of rape flowers. But in fact, it becomes more poetic when autumn comes. In late autumn, Changxi Village is shore with deep and vivid tints. The maple trees growing in the front and back of the village turn to burning red. The tall trees contrast finely with the Mau Tou Wall (Horse Head Wall). The red maple leaves, white walls and black tiles blend into a unity, making a unique sight in this ancient village.
Wuyuan Village
3. Sichuan E’mei Mountain
Emei Mountain has the best amazing scenery in the Autumn. You will enjoy blue sky, floating clouds as well as facinating raple leaves views. Above a altitude of 1800m, from Shuangshui Well to Leidongping, endless red Maple trees are standing closely and waving in the cool wind. October is the best time to enjoy the maple leaves during whole year. But remember not to visit Emei during China National Holiday unless you want to get stuck in the sea of people crowding.
Emei Mountain
4. Miyaluo Scenic Zone
Miyaluo Scenic Zone is the largest senic zones in China which has splendid landscape of red maple leaves. Miyaluo, in Tibetan, mean “joyful village”. It has maple forest of more than 3,000 which is also the largest maple tree forest in China.
Miyaluo maple trees
5. Jiangxi Lushan Mountain
You will totally get lost in red maple leaves if you visit Lushan Mountain during Autumn.
Red leaves view is quite different from other places. Because Lushan has a rich resource of plants. So you will not only see red maple trees, but also a great forest of different colors with different kinds of trees mixing together.
Lushan Mountain

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