Travel with Wonder: 11 Days China Holiday Experience (Part One)

The top travel consultant Wonder at China Discovery was just back from his 11 Days China holiday. From Dec.18, 2014 to Dec.28, 2014, he visited Xian, Mount Hua, Luoyang and Beijing.

This is Wonder’s first dispatch, showing his travel experience in Xian.

“My Annual Vacation in 2014

After a busy day in the office on Dec 18th, I started my trip. I am a little excited and very expecting it. I took the overnight train from Chengdu to Xian. On the train, I took out the book “Walden” and read for one hour or so. This time I felt something which was different from the feeling I read in the university. Reading a book I like was enjoyable for me. Also, one of the most interesting things on the train is to talk to the unknown friends.

15 hours on the train was not that so long. In the morning, I arrived in Xian as planned. Then I took the public bus to the Ancient City International Youth Hostel . This is a small and interesting hostel. The location is very good. Since this is during the winter time, not so many people inside which makes it very quiet.

After a fresh up, I started my tour. The first stop was the Ancient City Wall. It is longer than I thought. After riding bike on it for almost 2 hours, I just finished part of this wall. Strolling on the Walls is quite an enjoyable experience.

Bike on Ancient City Wall ancient-city-wall-bike-01

Bike on Ancient City Wall

After that, I went to the Bell Tower and Drum Tower. With limited time, I only chose to get into the Drum Tower.

Xian Drum Tower drum-tower-01 drum-tower-02
Then I went to the Muslim community. There were so many delicious food over there.

Muslim Community muslim-community-02 muslim-community-04 muslim-community-07In the evening. This city looked more beautiful. On the way back to the hostel, I took some pictures of the Bell and Drum Tower. It looks prettier than day time.

Xian Night View xian-night-view-01

On Day 2, I went to the Terracotta Warriors by taking 1 hour’s bus. This is really an amazing place. I really like the history of it. Though we have learned a lot about Emperor Qin during our high school, I felt something else when I came here. Look at those warriors, and you would definitely get some special feelings. There are 3 parts of this Museum so far. In the future, there will be more to be discovered.

Terracotta Warriors terracotta-warriors-01 terracotta-warriors-02 terracotta-warriors-03 terracotta-warriors-04 terracotta-warriors-05About the below picture, that is the original color of the warror. Isn’t that amazing? It’s a pity that we don’t have the technology to protect it from chaning the color.

Terracotta WarriorsAfter walking around this place for almost 3 hours, I finished this tour. I took some pictures with those cute and friendly pigeons when I was on the way to take the bus.

Wonder at China DiscoveryOn the way back, if you still have time, you may consider the Huaqing Pool. With limited time, I didn’t enter it.

Huaqing Pool huaqing-pool-02In the evening, I met my friends with a nice dinner who is also my primary and middle high school classmate. With his guiding, I felt the beautiful night scene one more time. The spring in Xian is known as one of the largest springs in the world. I don’t know if it is true, but it is indeed the most wonderful one I saw. With my bad photography skills, I couldn’t take the spring clearly. The Big Goose Pagoda is behind this spring too.”

Big Goose Pagoda big-goose-pagoda-01 big-goose-pagoda-02

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