Top 5 Destinations for China Spring Tour

As March comes, spring returns to the earth, the trees spit verdancy, seeds sprout forth and flowers burst open. This is a great season to visit China: warm weather, fresh air, beautiful scenery, everything is full of vigor and color. Here we introduce you top 5 tourism destinations for spring tour in China.

Hangzhou – Paradise on Earth

Speak of spring, most people will think of West Lake in Hangzhou. Take a spring tour to West Lake seems like most people’s choice: serene and green scenery, verdant trees surrounding the peaceful lake, with peach flower and sakura blossom around the lake. Stroll along Su Causeway, or cycling around the lake or just take a cruise ship are the best way to appreciate the fabulous scenery of West Lake.

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West LakeGuilin – Best Karst Scenery

A famous saying goes like this: “Guilin’s scenery tops those elsewhere”. Thousands of mountains stand in different postures at the two sides of Li River, which is crystal clear as a mirror, peculiar and stunning stalactites caves bring more charm to this scenic city, and the colorful ethnic culture is another highlights of Guilin. Guilin’s spring is gorgeous. Thousands of mountains turn to green during this time, and the weather is warm and rainy, thus tourists can see the most beautiful scenery of Guilin – the Misty and Rainy Li River, just like a scene in Chinese ink painting.

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GuilinSichuan – Tourist Paradise

Diverse travel experiences make Sichuan a tourism paradise for travelers. Not like other destinations, tourists can still see the stunning snow scenery in Sichuan in March, like Jiuzhaigou Valley and Mount Emei. In these places, the snow is not melting yet, while the weather is warmer than winter and green grass is gradually sprouting forth. While in the late spring, the ground will be covered with colorful flowers, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Mout Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha are all great place to visit. Besides that, tourists can also experience the leisure time in Chengdu, taste famous Sichuan cuisine and get a close contact with the cute giant panda.

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Jiuzhaigou ValleyYunnan – South of the Clouds

Yunnan lies in the south of China, is also called as the South of the Clouds. Featured in colorful natural scenery and ethnic culture, it’s a glamorous destination. March is the best season to see rape flower. Luoping in Yunnan has the largest and most stunning rape flower fields. While spring is also good season to visit Dali Old Town and Lijiang Old Town to experience rich ethnic culture, or just be amazed by the gorgeous landscape of Shangri-La. (Many festivals and grand ceremonies of Bai people will be held from March to April, and tourists can experience the folk customs in this time).

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Luoping in YunnanTibet – Roof of the World

Tibet, differ from other cities in China, it’s the very sacred place in China. Spring is a great time to visit Tibet, and the weather is dry with comfortable warms sunshine. Tourists can visit the magnificent Potala Palace and other famous temples in Lhasa, like Jokang Temple, to experience the Tibetan Buddhism. In Nyingchi, a county-level city in Tibet, there is a flowery resort surrounded by mountains in three directions, and it’s called Peach Blossom Ditch, where has planted a large area of peach flowers. Once in spring, the peach flowers blossom everywhere, looks even more beautiful with a vision of magnificent snow peaks at a distance.

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