Guiyang-Guangzhou High Speed Train to Meet Guilin Karst & Guizhou Minorities

Guiyang-Guangzhou high speed train is the first high speed train to link the two cities, which begins to run on Dec 26, 2014. Comparing to the used regular train, this high-speed train cut down the duration from over 20 hours to less than 5 hours.

Passing through tunnels, mountains, the remarkable project is beneficial to tourists mostly, who want to encounter Guizhou ethnic minority villages and culture; visit the Li River and Karst Landscape in Guilin and Yangshuo.guiyang-guangzhou-high-speed-train

Featured highlights and attractions along the way:
There are 21 stations along this high speed train between Guiyang and Guangzhou. Guangzhou, as one of the gateway to enter China, the best attractions along the way should focus on the Guangxi and Guizhou regions, which are:

  • Guilin & Yangshuo: karst landsacpes and picturesque landscapes of the Li River;
  • Sanjiang: Dong ethnic buildings &culture;
  • Congjiang & Rongjiang: Miao ethnic villages &culture;
  • Guiyang: Huangguoshu Waterfall, Minority Culture.


When enter the Guizhou province, Kaili as the capital city of southeastern Guizhou, is the big gathering of Miao ethnic villages. Since there is no station in Kaili, tourists should get off at Congjiang or Rongjiang and travel along the way to Guiyang to explore the authentic ethnic village life and traditional culture.

Recommended Tours to experience Guizhou Ethnic Culture and Guilin Landscape deeply:

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