Giant Panda Volunteer Experience at Bifengxia Panda Base

Giant Panda, National Treasure in China, is always the big reason attracting many travelers to Chengdu and Bifengxia.

Here we are, not only providing you some useful information about Giant Pandas, but also showing you the unforgettable panda volunteer experience in panda bases.

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Below is Adrian’s one month panda volunteer experience at Bifengxia Panda Base. Let’s enjoy it!

It was spring at Ya’an Bifengxia Base of CCRCGP. Adrian Lowe from Australia works with his keeper master Wang to prepare Wo Wo Tou (Panda Cake) which they later fed their pandas.

Prepare Panda Cakes

Adrian arrived 20 years ago, using some of his vacation days to realize his dream of volunteering at Ya’an Bifengxia Base of CCRCGP. He is very happy and excited to be able to watch giant pandas at close range. Although his daily cleaning and feeding chores are the same everyday, Adrian says, “I feel very happy to be living with pandas.”

He has spent previous vacations volunteering in different countries. Last year, when he volunteered as an English teacher in Thailand, he found that the place was close to Chiang Mao Zoo and saw his first “live” giant panda there. “I’ve loved the giant panda very much since I was young. At that time, there were no pandas living in Australia, all the information about giant pandas I found from websites, the giant pandas is a mystery to me, a wonderful animal. After seeing m first giant panda last year, I decided I must come to Bifengxia for an even closer encounter. To be a volunteer for giant pandas here is the best way to do it.”

Giant Panda is Resting

When asked why he came all the way to Bifengxia, Adrian said that the environment here is quiet ad also much closer to the giant panda’s natural habitat in the wild. Over the last 20 days, his daily encounters with giant pandas have helped solve the mystery. He found that the giant panda eats much more bamboo that he had expected, it is cute and easy to get along with, and the keepers are nice, too. Adrian said, “Maybe it is because I have been working with the keepers and pandas that I find myself a calmer and less stressed person these days.”

With his month of volunteer work coming to an end, Adrian will be flying home to go back to work soon. “When I return to Australia, I will share my volunteer experience with my family and friends, and hope the details will encourage them to start loving giant pandas and doing something, such as volunteering for them, too.”

Giant Pandas

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