Travel Tips on Biking atop Ancient City Wall in Xian

Biking on the Ancient City Wall is always on the must-do lists for every travelers in Xian, especially those travel with family. Once biking around the entire perimeter, about 14 km, you will get a great view of the city and surrounding area where the locals live and work.

Biking atop the Ancient City Wall

Biking atop the Ancient City Wall

On the Ancient City Wall, there are many gates and watchtowers, keeping their former looks as hundred years ago. When you look forward the Xian city from this city wall, you can feel an interesting combination of the ancient atmosphere with the modern city.

Ancient Watchtower on the City Wall

Ancient Watchtower on the City Wall


The whole journey around the Wall will take you hours by bike. But you don’t have to done the whole 14 km at once. There are several Bike Rental stations along the way. So it is quite convenient to rent a bike at one section and drop it off at another, if you only want to take part of the way.

The bumpy surface of Ancient City Wall

The bumpy surface of Ancient City Wall

The price is valid only for 100 minutes. If you want to complete the loop in 100 minutes, you must hurry and bump all the way. Or you will pay a little overtime fee.

Opening Hours

At the East, West and North Gates, the Biking Rental Service is opened at 8:30 a.m. and closed at 5:30 p.m., while at the South Gate, it is closed at 8:00 p.m.

Price of Bike Rental on City Wall


Single Bike on Ancient City Wall

The set price for a Single bike is 40RMB, and 80RMB for a double bike. There are also Golf Cars on the City Wall which costs 80RMB per seat.


Ride Double Bike together with your Family or Friends on Ancient City Wall

  • The price is for 100 minutes per person, with insurance included. An overtime fee, for every ten minutes over that, will be paid if you can’t drop off your bike within 100 minutes.
  • Children not taller than 1.1m can get half-price tickets, or you should pay the full price for your kids.
  • A deposit (about RMB 300) is required and is returned when you give the bike back.


Interested in biking atop the Xian Ancient Great Wall?

How to get to the City Wall? What are the nearby attractions I mustn’t miss? More detailes about Xian Tours are offered on our website. If you have any questions about planning a tour in Xian, feel free to contact us.

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