Top 10 Landscape Photography Places in China

If you are a shutterbug, you will never be disappointed at China. The stunning and picturesque sceneries will surprise you in every way. Various landscapes, including majestic snow mountain, vast plateau, extensive grassland, tranquil lakes, etc. can be found in China. We have listed the top 10 must-shot landscape places in China in the following.

Fairyland on Earth: Jiuzhaigou
Reputed as the “Most Beautiful Waterscape in China”, Jiuzhaigou contains multiple kinds of sceneries: mirror-like lakes, dynamic waterfalls, colorful wild forests and even majestic snow mountains. When people first see the photo of Jiuzhaigou, they probably think the photo is processed in Photoshop. The photo is just too beautiful that people wouldn’t believe in what they see. However, the truth is that Jiuzhaigou is just like a fairyland. You don’t need to touch any of your photos of Jiuzhaigou, because it’s amazing enough just the way it is.

Highly Recommended Photography Tour: 4 Days Jiuzhaigou In-depth Photography Tour Jiuzhaigou

Real Avatar World: Zhangjiajie
Zhangjiajie has fully shown the beauty of the nature. Majestic sandstone pillars tower into the cloud, and this classic scene was also used in the movie of “Avatar”. Except the miraculous mountains, there are many pristine lakes in the forest scenic spot. Zhangjiajie is also the home to Tujia people. You will not only learn the Tujia ethnic minority customs, but also the dance and lifestyle of them.

Highly Recommended Photography Tour: 5 Days Zhangjiajie Avatar Mountains Photography TourZhangjiajie

Mysterious Kanas
Located in Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang, Kanas is just like a color palette left behind by God. Kanas means mysterious lake in the valley in Mongolian, and it used to refer to the Kanas Lake. However, nowadays, Kanas refer to the vast region, which includes Kanas Lake, Hemu Town, Baihaba, etc. Vast birch forests, wooden houses, small villages and colors in oil painting are reasons you must take photo in Kanas.

Highly Recommended Photography Tour: 9 Days Kanas Photography TourKanas

Lovelies Mountain: Huangshan
Huangshan is also called Yellow Mountain, and it’s famed for its dramatic pines, grotesque rocks, sea of clouds, hot spring and winter snow. Observe the changing of the sea of clouds in cloudy day, seek cliff-side waterfalls in rainy day, appreciate snow-covered trees in winter, listen the whistling of the wind in the pines, and capture the sunrise and sunset glow on the mountain. Huangshan gives us every reason to come here and record the true beauty with our cameras.

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Majestic Three Gorges & Three Gorges Dam
The largest hydropower project dam – Three Gorges Dam is located in the Three Gorges area (which is along the Yangtze River). Three Gorges refers to Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge. While Three Gorges Dam is located in Xiling Gorge section. Except the majestic Dam scenery, you also have the chance to view the breathtaking view along Yangtze River, especially the red leaves scenery in autumn along the river.

Highly Recommended Photography Tour: 4 Days Three Gorges Dam Photography TourThree Gorgs

The Darling of Photographer: Guilin
Guilin is a typical karst landform. Endless green hills lie beside the quiet and clear Li River, and this is just like the scenery from Chinese Landscape Painting. Besides that, terrace fields in Guilin are also favored by many photographers. A poem in China once described Guilin like this: the mountains and rivers of Guilin are the finest under heaven.

Highly Recommended Photography Tour: 5 Days Guilin In-depth Photography TourGuilin

Colorful Yunna: Dongchuan & Yuanyang
Due to the warm and moist climate of Yunnan, the iron in the earth has been oxidized, thus, Dongchuan has formed the most typical and classical red land in Yunnan. Magical colors are just like color lumps painted by God. Another stunning shooting place is Yuanyang Rice Terrace, which is cultivated by the indigenous Hani people. Except for the beautiful rice terrace fields, you can also shoo Hani folk customs in here. The scenery in Dongchuan and Yuanyang will definitely bring you a superlative visual feast to your eye in your photography tour.

Highly Recommended Photography Tour: 8 Days Dongchuan, Yuanyang & Jianshui Photography TourDongchuan Red Land

Bashang Grassland
“Between the vast sky and boundless earth, flocks and herds appear as grass bends to wind.” This may describe the most-seen scenery in Bashang Grassland. Bashang Grassland is the most-visited grassland for photographer in China. This natural pasture attracts numerous photographers to here with its thick forest, herds of cows and sheep, and spruce and birch forest. Numerous flowers, bursting colors and the most beautiful sunrise and sunset, this place is just another paradise for photographers.

Highly Recommended Photography Tour: 7 Days Bashang Grassland Photography TourBashang Grassland

Daocheng Yading
Located in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze, Sichuan, Daocheng Yading is called by some people “the Real Shangri-La” or “Last Pure Land on the Blue Planet”. Spectacular and sacred snow mountain, pure blue and clear sky, vast meadow, colorful box forest and crystal lakes, these are all great views to shoot. Every scene of Daocheng Yading is just like a picture on the postcards. This is the kind of place which will never let you down.

Highly Recommended Photography Tour: 4 Days Daocheng Yading In-depth Photography TourDaocheng Yading

Artistic Wetland & Grassland: Hongyuan and Ruoergai
Hongyuan and Ruoergai are two adjacent counties in Tibetan & Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. The biggest grassland in Sichuan – Ruoergai Grand Prairie is located in the two counties. In here, you will have an extensive view of the flat land, lush pasture and flocks of cattle and sheep. It’s the home to the most beautiful wetland in China – Huahu Lake. Besides that, celestial burial culture in Langmusi of Ruoergai County is also attractive for you to shoot.

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