Three Best Things to Do in Guilin

If you ask me the top reasons why I travel Guilin, I’ll answer you for the Rice Noodle (Mifen) without any doubt (I am crazy for Chinese local cuisine.)

Actually, Guilin, sitting in northeastern Guangxi, boasts enchanting natural views that have often described as “the best in the world” since ancient times. No matter what your travel style is, you can find enlightenment in the picturesque limestone mountains, quiet rivers and peaceful villages.

Elephant Trunk Hill

But, what is the best way to throw yourself in the nature of Guilin? Here are the three best things to do which are favored by thousands of travelers.

  • Cruising along Li River
  • Cycling around Yangshuo Countryside
  • Hiking in Longji Rice Terrace

Top One: Cruise along Li River

Savoring Guilin’s beauty can perhaps best be enjoyed on a bamboo raft ride on the Lijiang River, which meanders leisurely around the oddly shaped karst mountains and caves.

Fishing in Li River

Li River Cruise

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Top Two: Cycle around Yangshuo Countryside

The laid-back county of Yangshuo is known as a backpacker’s retreat with an eclectic vibe that blends the idyllic lifestyle of the Zhuang minority people with a surprisingly vibrant nightlife.

Yangshuo County

Cycling around Yangshuo

Transplant Rice Seeds in Yangshuo Counutyside

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Top Three: Hike in Longji Rice Terrace

After the trip in Guilin and Yangshuo, if time permits, drop by the magnificent Longji Terrace Land, a three-hour drive from Guilin. Overlooking mountain tops, the terraced paddy fields have inspired artists for centuries as mountain peaks often look as though they are peeking out from the clouds.

Longji Rice Terrace

Minority Groups in Guilin

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I know TOP THREE is not enough for you to fully taste this romantic city. To discover more, please check the useful links below.

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