2 Days Short Trip for Leshan and Mount Emei

It is a sunny weekend and I decide to relax in Leshan again and visit Mount Emei.

Jack visit Mount Emei

Jack visit Mount Emei to view sea of clouds

Although I have been to the Leshan Giant Buddha, inscribed on the list of the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1996. It is about 160 kilometers from Chengdu and takes round 2 hour’s driving. As for transportation, you can take fast train (one hour) or public bus if you do it on your own but private car is the best for our customer.

Visit Leshan Giant Buddha

Visit Leshan Giant Buddha and Sightseeing from the Boat

When you reached the destination, you have two choices for visiting, climbing the mountain and it takes more time, especially long lining up for going down from the head to the food of Buddha by very narrow road (2-3 hours if there are so many people in peak season) in this case, it is a waste of time you can just take picture on the top of it or try to see it by taking boat on river (20 minutes at most for round cruise).

After the tour, it is time for lunch and I would recommend you to taste the local food, Bobo chicken and sweet and Crispy Roast Duck.

Then head to the second destination Mount Emei. Fast train and bus is also available from Leshan or Chengdu and after half an hour’s distance from Leshan, we arrived at the tourist center, which is very close (less than 1000 meters) to Baoguo Temple. As for accommodation, you can choose stay at the downtown (4 or 5 star hotel is available) or go up and spend the night on the summit but I firmly advise the latter because you will enjoy the amazing landscape, the landscape on the way up is also gorgeous.

Gorgeous View with Clouds of Mount Emei

Gorgeous View with Clouds of Mount Emei

Firstly take sightseeing bus at 3:00pm from the tourist center to the gate 3:50pm and buy entrance ticket before Leidongpin 4:30pm. The walking starts.

Monkeys on Mount Emei

Monkeys on Mount Emei – If you meet them, be cautious.

You can see cute and cleaver Monkey if you are lucky enough, about 30 minutes for ups , you are in Jieyin Hall where you can take cable car to the summit (2 minutes) or continue hiking (one hour).

Sunset from Mount Emei

Beautiful Sunset from Mount Emei

On arrival , you will appreciate the unbelievable scenery, sea of clouds, misty pine and sunset, looking at the snow mountain far way, it is really the Utopia and everything is behind.

Amazing Sea of Clouds of Mount Emei

Amazing Sea of Clouds of Mount Emei

There is a restaurant where you can order Sichuan food and two 3 star hotels are Golden Summit Hotel and Emeishan Jinding Hotel but they are not cheap during the peak travel season, especially during holiday but the best thing is to see sunrise next morning.

Golden Summit of Mount Emei

Golden Summit of Mount Emei

After the trip, come down to the Leidongpin with the same route and you can take sightseeing bus to Wuxiangang parking lot or only to Wunian temple and then hike to Qingyin Pavilion before arrive at Wuxiangang, finally go back to Chengdu for a good dinner after mountain tours.

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