Recommended Summer Distinations for China Vacation 2013

Wondering somewhere elso to go to escape from the hot heat of summer and the crowds of the city life? Here are some places we recommended you to add on your summer vacation of this year. If you are bored with the city life in Beijing,or Shanghai, if you want something fresh and special this summer, we hope our advice can give you some new ideas.

1. Tibet

Since Tiber is reopened in April, 2013 for all travelers, your lifetime trip to Tibet will no longer be a dream. Visiting the holy Potala Palace, witnessing the devout pilgrims in front of the Jokhang Temple, reaching to the Mt.Everest… you will be impressed by the spiritual religion, overwhelming culture under the purest sky.
Explore the Holy Land this Summer.
Summer is the peak season for visiting Lhasa when the weather is relatively mild and humid with crystal clear sky and flowers in bloom. What’s more, it is the time to experience the famous Tibet Shoton Festival and Buddha Exhibition. Just remember to bring something like sun block cream, sunglasses, sunhat, etc. to avoid sunburn and dry weather.

2. Jiuzhai Alley

Jiuzhaigou, the Land of Fairy Tale, has dense forest, green and blue waters of every kind, rare species of animals, integrated with the culture and lifestyles of the local Tibetans. The waters are the soul and essence of Jiuzhaigou National Park’s beauty, which is widely known for its crystal clearness, rich colorfulness and pure transparency.
Enjoying the colorful landscape of Jiuzhaigou in Summer.
The summer weather in Jiuzhaigou is very pleasant with an average temperature of 19℃ to 22℃. Even at the height of summer, it is advisable to have a jacket on hand for rain and sudden temperature drops.

3. Shangri-la

Shangri-la, previously known as Zhongdian, is a home of remote thrilling scenery with majestic mountains, colorful flowers and crystal lakes. The picturesque Tibetan villages, the elaborate Tibetan Monasteries, with the background of the peaceful and beautiful nature landscapes, take you to the utopian, keeping from the troubles of outside world.
Shangri-la, the pure land in Yunnan Province.
Located on the plateau on 3300 meters above the sea level, the temperature here changes much between day and night. So even you visit Shangri-la in summer, please still remember to take some warm clothing for cold night.

What to see:
Ganden Songzanglin Monastery: praised as the Lesser Potala Palace with about 700 monks and one living Bduddha.

Pudacuo National Park: China’s first national park mainly composed of the Bitahai Nature Reserve and Shuduhu scenic area, where you can see the beauty of Bita Lake and Shudu Lake.

Tibetan Village: with one third of the total population in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

4. Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake, located northwest of the imposing Qinghai Altiplano, is really a good place for travelers. Being the largest inland and salt-water lake in China, Qinghai Lake rests 4,500 meters above the sea level, surrounded by four mountain ranges on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Apart from embracing the heavenly beauty here, you can either stroll on the grass or ride on a yak, climb the sand hill or visiting the historic remains left on the Tang-Tubo ancient road or the Silk Road. If you are more sociable, the hospitable local people will warmly welcome you as you visit their homes and enjoy a taste of the Tibetan life. In addition, tents and various delicious foods are provided for the tourists in the pastures.
The Blossom of Cole Flowers near Qinghai Lake.

The famous spots here are:
Haixin Shan, also called Immortal Hill, has temples, lucid springs and green grassland on the island.

Shadao, the Sand Island, is famous for its sand scenery.

Niaodao, the Bird Island, is the kingdom of birds, which can amount to more than 10 thousand birds in the summer.

5. Guilin

Guilin, one of the top destinations in China, shows its best in summer, when the natural beauty is quite adequate compensation. Taking a Li River cruise from Guilin to Yanghuo, you will experience the picturesque waterway scenery with remarkable Karst peaks. Also a visit to Reed Flute Cave is cool and pleasant in hot summer.
Cruising the Li River in Summer
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