The Paradise on Earth – Jiuzhaigou Valley will Reopen Very Soon

Jiugaigou Valley will be reopened in this March of 2018 according to the official government news. It has been closed for seven months and the reopen news will definitely be exciting news for travelers who are planning to Jiuzhaigou – the heaven on land!

Jiuzhaigou Valley - Norilang Waterfall

Jiuzhaigou Valley – Norilang Waterfall

After reopening, travelers can visit the essence of Jiuzhaigou Valley along Shuzheng Valley and Zechawa Valley and hike along five scenic spots – Long Lake (长海), Fiver-Color Pond (五彩池), Nuorilang Waterfall (诺日朗瀑布), Shuzheng Lakes (树正群海), Double Dragon Lakes (双龙海). It is limited for 2000 travelers per day that travelers should register in advance with real name and identity. You can make your plan now!!!

2018 Latest Jiuzhaigou Travel Map

2018 Latest Jiuzhaigou Travel Map

We will keep updating latest info, please pay attention and check the news! If you have some questions, please contact our professional travel consultants who know the detailed information timely and clearly.

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