Travel with Jack: Guilin, the gorgeous fairyland

On arrival in Guilin on Nov 22, realizing that Guilin is still cold in winter even if it is located in sub-tropical, and feels even bitter when it is rainy. So please remember to take jacket if you will go to there in Dec, Jan and Feb. The Guilin in the rain is not bright, but still romantic.

Guilin Tour

Famous Chinese painting – The Li River in the Rain

Guilin Tour

View room at Guanguang Plaza in Guilin

After breakfast at hotel, we head to the Utopia by Taoyuanming, the great poet at the end of Jin Dynasty in ancient China.

Guilin Tour

Local Art Shows

Guilin Tour

the Utopia in Yangshuo

The people there are very friendly, passionate and living in peace and slow pace, it is totally different from that in big cities where we are always busy with our work, and struggle for better life.

Guilin Tour

Local minority at the small island

But we should not forget and lose the essence of life. Cherish what you have and try to pursue what you want, and personally the process is more important than results.

Guilin Tour

The local garden for walking

At the night, we watch the singing and dancing show, and it is incredible and the young people have much talent and of course they have spent lots of time to make practice, it is not easy!

Guilin Tour

The night show with the back group of the mountain and water

There is an old saying that Guilin’s water and mountains captivate the world, while Yangshuo is the best among other places in Guilin.

We did not take the 4 hours Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo because it is very cold and the landscape on the bank is not so fabulous in off season. Instead, we choose the bamboo rafting at the highlight section from Yangti pier to Nine- Horse Mountain, which take about one hour for round way.

Guilin Tour

Bamboo rafting on Yangti section , Li River

The mountain is really amazing due to spectacular limestone karst landscape and you will find all the down is surrounded by different shapes of figures, animal and so on.

Guilin Tour

Nine –horse –shape mountain

After cruise for about one hour, we have enjoyed the local ribbonfish hot pot which is tasty but I think the highlight is the Liusanjie Impression Show by Chinese famous director Zhangyimou . it is just like the Lijiang Impression show at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Yunnan and West Lake Impression in Hangzhou.

Guilin Tour

The theater of Liusanjie Impression Show

Many people flock to the theater every day and it is a must to see the unbelievable performance.

Guilin Tour

Liusanjie Impression Show

One more thing to mention, it is sensible to choose the Lijiang Waterfall Hotel which is very close to the two- river and 4 -Lake scenic spot and night view is picturesque and unforgettable.

Guilin Tou

Lijiang Waterfall Hotel

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