Explore the Paradise on Earth – Suzhou

In 1997, the Classic Gardens of Suzhou were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lingering Garden in Suzhou

Lingering Garden in Suzhou

Suzhou, dotted with dozens of classical gardens evoking landscapes of rocks, mountains and rivers, is a perfect getaway for Shanghai day-trippers during this beautiful season. Suzhou is only an hour’s drive from Shanghai, or a 30-minute express train ride.

The small city in Jiangsu Province, known as the city of gardens, has carved out its kingdom in China’s tourism map. Since ancient times, it has been called “paradise on earth” for its gardens, water and architecture.

Keeping to the essentials, China Discovery highly recommends you the 2 Days Suzhou Classic Garden Tour. You’ll visit the following places with either cycling or boat riding experience.

  • Humble Administrator’s Garden
  • Pingjiang Road
  • Grand Canal
  • Panmen Scenic Area
  • Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory
  • Lingering Garden
  • Suzhou Museum
Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou

Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou

Moreover, Suzhou is the best gateway to water towns. You could visit Tongli Water Town, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Mudu Water Town…

  • Tongli Water Town – a smaller canal town with a many slightly crumbling old buildings;
  • Zhouzhuang Water Town – a relatively new town at only 900 years old
  • Mudu Water Town – Slightly shabby town with many lanes flanked by crumbling traditional homes to explore

The following Suzhou tours will take you to the exquisite water towns.

>> 3 Days Best Suzhou & Tongli Water Village Tour
>> 3 Days Best Suzhou & Zhouzhuang Water Village Tour

Zhouzhuang Water Town

Zhouzhuang Water Town

Would you like to explore the Jiangnan triangle in one go? The following East China Nature Tour takes you to Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Huangshan to see all the urban and natural sights.

>> 9 Days East China Nature Tour (Shanghai / Tongli / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Huanshan / Shanghai)

Yellow Mountain in Huangshuan City

Yellow Mountain in Huangshuan City

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