Travel with Wonder: Dongchuan Red Land Photography Experience

Day 1 Kunming-Dongchuan Red Land

Get up early in the morning to catch the bus from Kunming to Dongchuan. It took around 4.5 hours. The bus is clean and comfortable. Though it is winter, it is still very warm under the sunshine. I knew some other photographers in the bus and we took care of each other during the whole trip. We stayed in the same hostel and rent the bus from the hostel. The host is our driver and also our guide who is a very nice man and also very experienced local guide.

After a simple lunch and fresh up, we started our trip. First, we drive for few minutes to visit the Erbaodi. You could also call it Duoyishu from another side of the land. Here below are two pictures as your reference.

Dongchuan Red Land TravelAfter that, we visited the famous Luoxiagou Valley. Most people will come here for taking pictures.

Dongchuan Red Land Sunset

After that, we drive for few minutes to another spot-Sacred Tree. It is said by the local people that this tree died before. However, it rebirthed 3 years later. That’s why local people thought this tree is a miracle and it is regarded as Sacred Tree. They said the tree protected the safety of this village. It is very easy to find this tree from this beautiful red land.

Dongchuan Red Land

After that, drive back to the hostel. From there, you could also visit some very nice view which was called Luosiwan from the roof. Here below are the pictures as your reference:

Dongchuan Red Land PhotographyDongchuan Red Land Travel

Day 2 Dongchuan Red Land

The next day morning, we left at 6:50am for Jinxiuyuan and were expecting the moment of the sunrise. However, there are too many clouds.  I have to say it is very cold in the morning and I couldn’t feel my finger when I took pictures! If you’re lucky enough, I believe the view must be amazing!

Dongchuan Red Land Photography Tour

After that, we drive to Damakan. It is said the best time to take picture is also in the morning or after the rain. Now the sky is clearer.

Dongchuan Red Land After that, we drive to Qicai Slope. It means colorful slopes. As it is in the winter, you may not feel the charm of it. But you could see the sunshine not far from this beautiful land.

Dongchuan Red Land With the time going on, the day becomes much clearer. On the way, you could still see some canola flowers with white and purple colors.

Dongchuan Red Land

When we drive back, we visited the Yuepu Holly. From the picture, it’ not difficult to understand why it is called holly.

Dongchuan Red Land

You could also see 2 old men sitting there in the morning. They’re the local farmers with very warm smile. They told us the best time to take the picture is when there is sunshine. After few minutes waiting, I caught this chance to take the below picture.

Here I would like to talk more about the first old man. He’s very famous in this village as his photos could be seen everywhere in the internet. His dog is also very kind and well-known.

Dongchuan Red Land Dongchuan Red Land People

We came back to the hostel at around 10:30am. Some of people left for other destinations. I admire they spirit very much as most of them are elder people around 50-60. As the bus back to Kunming is only available in the morning. I chose to stay one more night in this quiet and beautiful village. After a nap, I got up at around 2:00pm and wander around this village alone. On the way, you could see the local farmers work, some lovely kids, cows, goats and other worthwhile sightseeing besides the red lands. If you have time, I really recommend you to walk around for few hours.

Dongchuan Red Land After few hours walking, I came back to the hostel. I took some pictures of the sunset from the roof of the hostel.

Dongchuan Red Land Sunset

Day 3 Dongchuan Red Land back to Kunming

Dongchuan Red Land tour finished today. I came back to Kunming in the morning by taking the bus. Though only 2 days’ in this place, I am very impressed by this land and its people. This is also a very good place for people who’re interested in photography and also local people’s life.

However, as this place is more and more famous, some developers are ready to make it a tourist place by building some houses and also ready to charge entrance fee in the coming year. If you’re ready to come, please never hesitate and it’s my pleasure to give you some advice.

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