Discover Chinese Kung Fu in 2013 Chinese Spring Festival Gala

If you a Chinese Kungfu fan, you may have already known Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Jet Li who appeared in classical Chinese Kung Fu movies. Are you impressed by the Chinese Kung Fu show?

This new year, Zhaowenzhuo appearance in the 2013 Chinese Spring Festival Gala set off the China Kung Fu wave. Both audience and mass media considered the performance by Mr. Zhao in the Spring Festival Gala to be the strongest realm of Chinese Kung Fu. And Mr. Zhao is considered to be the most representative of the Chinese Kung Fu Star after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Chinese Kungfu Show

Chinese Kung Fu

Kungfu, also known as Wushu or Martial arts by most foreigners, is one of the most well-known examples of traditional Chinese culture with a history of thousands of years. Covered with a mysterious veil, Chinese Kung Fu has board and deep meaning and its oriental features.

Nowadays, Kung Fu has developed into a sport to improve one’s health, fitness, reaction time, jumping ability, balance, flexibility, coordination, power and speed except for the meaning of self-defense.

Well-known Chinese Kung Fu

  • Choy Li Fut (蔡李佛拳)
  • Taichi Chuan (太极拳)
  • Wing Chun (咏春)
  • Qigong (气功)

Chinese Taichi Quan

How to Train your Kung Fu?

Chinese Kung Fu training consists of the following components: basic (基本功), forms (套路), applications and weapons. Different styles place varying emphasis on each component. A complete training system should pay attention to Chinese attitudes and culture.

A common saying concerning basic training in Chinese martial arts is as follows:

  • Train both Internal and External.
  • External training includes the hands, the eyes, the body and stances.
  • Internal training includes the heart, the spirit, the mind, breathing and strength.

Chinese Shaolin Kungfu

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Shaolin Temle in China

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