Travel with Lyn: 5 Days Upstream Yangtze River Cruise on November

As a travel consultant, I have tailored tours for lots of guests, and Yangtze River cruise has always been a popular scenery spot. This time, I got the chance to explore the beauty of Yangtze River and experience the great service offered by the cruise staff on Victoria Lianna.

D1 Arrival Yichang and board the ship

I took a high speed train from Chengdu to Yichang in the morning. This journey took about 6.5 hours, the countryside on the way is beautiful. I arrived in Yichang at 16:00PM, and met my driver at the exit of train station. It made the way to New Century Port more easily because of the prearranged transfer. After 30 minutes’ driving, I was in the port. Having dinner in a restaurant nearby the port, I boarded the cruise-Victoria Lianna.

Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Bungee Jumping nearby New Century Port

After the quick check in, I entered my room to have a rest. My cabin is on the third floor, and the room is cozy and tidy.

Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Superior Cabin

D2 Yangtze River cruise (Three Gorges Dam)

I woke up early today. The breakfast time is between 7:00-8:00AM, and there is an optional excursion to the Tribe of the Three Gorges after breakfast. I enjoyed the leisure time in the bar to read books in the morning. Lunch time is between 12:30-1:30. I like Chinese and Western buffet the cruise provided. After lunch, we met our guide at the lobby, and took a bus for about 15 mins to visit the Three Gorges Dam. The visit took about 2 hours, and I was impressed by the amazing water conservancy project. In the evening, a captain welcome dinner was waiting for us.

Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Introduction to Tanziling Ridge

Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Overview of Three Gorges Dam

D3 Yangtze River cruise (Shennong Stream)

After breakfast, we took a smaller ship to visit Shennong Stream. The scenery view is amazing on the way. I also saw hanging coffins which is a local tradition. Moreover, I enjoyed a great dancing and singing show performed by local people.

Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Great Mountain & Green Water

Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Magnificent Scenery of Yangtze River

Yangtze River Cruise

Wonderful Performance

D4 Yangtze River cruise (Shibaozhai Pagoda)

This morning’s land excursion is to visit Shibaozhai Pagoda. The visit took about 1.5-2 hours. The distinct architectural characteristics and unique geographical environment make this place so special.

Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Gorgeous Shibaozhai Pagoda

In the evening, the farewell dinner was delicious.

D5 Disembarkation and a short stay in Chongqing

The ship arrived at Chaotianmen Port at 6:00AM, and I disembarked at 8:00AM. After disembarkation, I headed to the Eling Park to have a leisure time. The park is quiet; many local people were having a walk and doing exercise in this park.

Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Autumn View of Eling Park

Later, I moved to Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum. It is located near the Chongqing People’s Hall. It aims to undertake education, preservation, and scientific research with respect to cultural heritage and the natural environment in Chongqing and the Three Gorges region of the Yangtze River. I visited the museum for about 2hs, and I have learnt a lot about the history of Chongqing and Yangtze River.

Yangtze River Cruise Tour

First Sight of Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum

Yangtze River Cruise

Chongqing People’s Hall

My Chongqing tour ended here. I took a high speed train back to Chengdu afterwards. In conclusion, Yangtze River cruise is definitely a must see in China, and it will be a wise choice to have some leisure time especially after the tense visit to other cities. There are varied activities on board, and the staff will take care of each guest’s special diet habits. What’s more, pay a visit to the mountain city: Chongqing before boarding the cruise or after disembarkation will be a nice choice.

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